Photos which can be only yours

There is ample evidence to prove from the picture auctions that there are photo lovers who buy photographs and even portraits. They have an immense urge to collect them since they are ardent art lovers. Here in this section, we are going to speak about images with people and free pictures which are free from royalty.

First of all, we need to know the facts about stock pictures:

  1. Stock images are those pictures which can be yours if you pay the price that the owner or the agency of the photos has set for it. They fix a rate for the photographs, and the interested buyers have to pay the price to get the pictures.
  2. The rate of the photos varies from as high as 7000 USD to nearly 25 USD. This is basically done to earn money from the pictures which are one of its kinds.
  3. There are royalty free photos which do not have copyrights and can be downloaded from the internet at any point of time.

Why are stock pictures made?

  • Stock photos basically come from professional photographs, which include nature, wildlife and also landmarks. These are basically royalty free photos, and they can be used and reused as many times one needs to use them. They neither have any copyright
  • These free stock images are used for commercial purposes only, and this brings in money in a business and can easily be downloaded from the internet.

Why are pictures made without having to pay any royalty?

What happens is that in some cases understanding the need of the pictures the owner does not bring them under copyright. This does not make them an intellectual property of any person. Hence they become royalty free photos.

On the other hand, since they do not have any copy write does not need any payment at any point in time. Neither the owner, who has taken the picture neither the agency who have published it has got nothing to do with the payment. However, the one who uses them gets commercial benefit out of them.

These stock images give a commercial benefit to the ones who use them once or more than once. A company or an individual can use them as and when required without having the tension of paying anything.

So the free photos or the stock photos are great benefits and can be used for any type of commercial benefits.